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Ridiculously Relevant Courses for 2022

Start the year with a grad course and be one step closer to achieving bigger goals for your career.

illustration of a person silhouette with 3 overlapping circles holding a cloud, gear, and heart, and a gold star saying "NEW"Social-Emotional Learning in the Visual Arts

Explore the SEL framework to empower your students to share feelings, listen to others, and respond to the world around them.


Illustration of computer monitor with pencil, paintbrush, CPU connectors, and a gold star saying "NEW"Technology in the
21st-Century Art Room

Get your toolkit for teaching art as a digital citizen to enhance student engagement, reach struggling students, and address the technology gap.


illustration of a gear, books, paintbrush, ruler, and lab flask, and a gold star saying "NEW"Arts Integration: How Art Increases Academic Capacity

Become a stronger leader and investigate the power visual arts has to increase academics beyond the art room.


What do these courses have in common? 

As fun as exploring new art supplies and taking studio courses may be, we want to support art educators in all areas of your career.

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